Word of the Year 2023: Coordination

We hope you had a holiday season full of love, laughter, good books, and cozy socks–or whatever makes you happy! Now that 2023 is officially underway, we hope you’re feeling energized and excited for the year ahead. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been thinking about how to make 2023 even better than last year. One way we’re working to improve is by focusing on a word of the year.

Choosing a Word of the Year

In December, we talked about how to do a year-end review for your business. We also discussed using your goals and intentions to choose a word for the year. This word will guide you to make more intentional decisions and create habits to help you reach your goals. If you missed that post, you can read it here!

Looking Back on 2022

Last year, SweetWater’s word of the year was “transparency.” Throughout the year, we saw how transparency helped us build trust with each of our clients. We made an effort to be more open in all of our communication, both internally and with our clients. Implementing new systems and processes helped us increase transparency in our operations and build stronger relationships with our clients.

Word of the Year for 2023- Coordination

During our year-end review meeting, our team decided that we wanted to focus on improving our communication and organization. This means ensuring everyone on our team is on the same page and working toward the same goals. It also means making sure all our systems and processes are running smoothly and efficiently. 

In an effort to find just one word to embody these concepts (and because it’s all the rage right now), we turned to OpenAI’s new Chat GPT for help. And here’s what it said…

“One word that could describe both communication and organization is “coordination.” Coordination refers to the act of bringing different parts or people together in an orderly and effective way in order to achieve a common goal. This can involve both effective communication and organization of tasks and resources.”

Sounds pretty spot-on if you ask us! So, “coordination” is the SweetWater Marketing word of the year for 2023. We’re excited to serve our clients with a new focus on coordination to help us build on the progress we made in 2022. By setting goals and habits that align with this word, we hope to improve our communication and organization, which will ultimately lead to better service for our clients. 

We invite you, our readers, to hold us accountable for improving our coordination in the coming year and welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvement. We’d also love to know what word you’ve chosen for 2023. How will you use your word to create better habits and reach your personal or business goals? Here’s to a successful and productive 2023 for us all! 

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