Creating a Sustainable Podcast

Guest post by Dr. Ryan Weber Many companies use podcasts to humanize their brands, connect with potential customers, and offer value-added content. For instance, Morgan Stanley’s Access and Opportunity podcast, which interviews people involved in inclusive innovation, has published 74 … Continued

Creating a Great Website in 5 Simple Steps

Creating a Great Website It might feel overwhelming trying to get your business or organization’s website ready for visitors. What kind of website do you need? And what will turn potential customers into ones that actually engage? Today, we’ll discuss … Continued

Using Social Proof to Reach More Customers

What is social proof? As humans, we are hardwired to learn from the experiences of others. Therefore, we often choose to trust others to help us make decisions when we may not know what to do. First introduced by Robert … Continued

Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy with ChatGPT

The internet is full of bots, but there are some that stand out as truly unique. The latest buzz-worthy AI is ChatGPT, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create human-like responses to questions and other prompts from users. Want … Continued

Kindness Matters- Creating Loyal Customers

Today’s society is connected more now than ever before. With the incredible technology of the 21st century, we have the world at our fingertips. Communication and information can be received at the drop of a hat.  Yet, despite all the … Continued