Tom Brown’s Restaurant

It’s wonderful working with SweetWater. They’re agile, experienced, and unbelievably creative. It’s amazing to work with experts who can handle anything and everything. We believe you should only work with happy people, and we have found them at SweetWater. Get yourself a SweetWater team, just not my SweetWater team!

– Ashley Brown, Tom Brown’s Restaurant

The Challenge

As a brand new restaurant, Tom Brown’s Restaurant needed a way to announce their arrival. However, since they were starting from the ground up, they needed everything a new brand requires to be successful, from creating a logo to a social media campaign and everything in between.

The Solution

A specialized team of public relations strategists, graphic designers, writers, photographers, and social media experts was assembled to create a brand that embodies the Tom Brown’s Restaurant vibe, and begin creating a buzz in the community.

The Execution

The SweetWater team designed an elegant logo that represents Tom Brown’s Restaurant in magazine ads, social media posts, and on their storefront. In addition, advertising in a high-end, local magazine has stirred up excitement for the grand opening. Also, a photography session and social media campaign are generating anticipation for the first bite of Tom Brown’s Restaurant’s delectable cuisine.