Redstone Consulting Group

As we didn’t have the resources to hire a full-time marketing group, we decided to hire Brenda as our Marketing Director and SweetWater as our marketing team. Working with them has not only simplified our marketing process, but has increased our brand awareness and revenue. SweetWater has handled our Website Creation, Educational Webinar Series, Press, Tradeshows, Collaterals and Content. Together, we come up with the marketing plan at the beginning of the year, and SweetWater takes it from there, leaving us free to focus on growing our business.

– Steve Powers, President, Redstone Consulting Group

The Challenge

With the creation of new software comes the challenge of getting it into the hands of the people it is meant to serve. Redstone Consulting Group designed software to help credit unions, but needed a way to get the software in front of the right people.

The Solution

RCG contracted SweetWater to be their marketing arm. Together, SweetWater and Redstone Consulting Group decided that a full marketing campaign would be the best approach to generate the greatest ROI.

The Execution

From postcards to DRIP email campaigns to webinars, SweetWater handled every detail to maximize the use of Redstone Consulting Group’s time and money. We designed infographics and flyers, created their website, created content for email campaigns and press releases, along with providing a photoshoot and a new CRM system.