Cotton Table Ceramics

Brenda Pearce and SweetWater Marketing do mighty fine work and I am so glad to have this team on board! Know when to relinquish control so you can do what you’re made to do.

– Hilary Russell, Founder and President, Cotton Table Ceramics

The Challenge

With a growing clientele encompassing both retail and wholesale, Cotton Table Ceramics needed an updated web design to handle both types of transactions fluidly.

The Solution

In updating the web design, we also designed a new logo and put together a social media marketing strategy to help attract new clients. We updated the blog, as well. Inventory was photographed and listed on the new site and the ecommerce platform was established.

The Execution

SweetWater felt a customized photo session was needed to display the beautiful handcrafted ceramics was necessary in launching a new updated Website. By updating the ecommerce platform and redesigning the inventory listings, the website is now beautiful and easy to use.