Burritt on the Mountain

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the support of SweetWater Marketing in helping us finish the Burritt Strategy document. Having a professional content writer review, edit and format the document helped create one tone for the entire document and made it much easier to read and understand. I enjoyed working with your team and would definitely use SweetWater again. The finished product is a professional looking document that will represent Burritt well. Thanks again.

– John Gully, Board President, Burritt

The Challenge

When creating their strategic 10 year business plan, Burritt ran into some challenges. With information from several different sources, it was becoming extremely time consuming and stressful to put together.

Services Preformed

The Solution

The board president contacted SweetWater and asked for our help taking all of the different information from the different board members to clean it up and put it into a professional well-structured format.

The Execution

SweetWater strategized directly with the board president to create a business plan, in both Word and PDF formats, to distribute to board members and donors. We cleaned up the information, cleared up redundancies, provided clarification on certain items, created and inserted tables, and turned it into the perfect presentation.