Music Powered Games

Our team was in a real crunch with the launch of our MuzArcade mobile game. We needed to get a new game website up and running in just a few days and the SweetWater team made it happen for us. They were very responsive and easy to work with.  We’ll definitley turn to SweetWater for our company’s future web development.

– Bobby Wells, CEO, Music Powered Games, LLC

The Challenge

A new product launch is always exciting, but a global launch is a big deal. Music Powered Games, LLC was ready to launch their new game app, but was in a time crunch. They didn’t have time to put together a polished, user-friendly website.

Services Preformed

The Solution

SweetWater was able to quickly design a simple, professional website, perfect for explaining the game and driving traffic to download the app on mobile devices.

The Execution

With only 5 business days to spare until launch, SweetWater created the website to promote the new app, MuzArcade. When bandwidth issues occur, SweetWater can be there in a pinch.