Get It Right

As a startup company, I completely understand the concept of “I don’t know what I don’t know”. Brenda energetically fills that gap. The combination of enthusiasm and tireless work ethic makes her and SweetWater Marketing a great asset to new companies who are looking to start growing.

– Bob Arnone, Owner, Get It Right Enterprises

The Challenge

Youth sports officials have an incredible amount of information to memorize and recall while officiating games. Some of this information can be interpreted incorrectly, so Get It Right created a visualization software, similar to a video game,to help officials make correct, safe calls for the players. This fun, interactive video game-like needed to software needed to be marketed right to coaches, officials and sports associations.

The Solution

SweetWater came alongside Get It Right to take their products to the right audience at sports trade shows. A Play of the Week campaign was created to provide relevant information to the target audience. Also, SweetWater provided updated Content on the website highlighting key influencers in the industry.  Together, we dreamed up an inviting booth space and created a way to draw visitors in.

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The Execution

Trade shows can get busy and booths can seem to run together. SweetWater provided friendly personnel to warmly invite people to interact with the Get It Right software. SweetWater also interviewed customers, creating and promoted engaging videos through social media.  Press releases were written and announced at shows. SweetWater also met with key influencers to get quotes about the products, leading to an increased interest in bringing the Get It Right product into their sports associations.