Two Sides of One Coin – Generations collaborate to create success

You can learn a lot from the movie that came out last year, The Intern. If you haven’t seen it, you can catch it on Netflix or OnDemand.

Just like in the movie, no matter what stage of life we’re in – whether a fresh-out millennial, a mid-career professional, or a baby boomer re-entering the workforce – a cross-generation working environment seems to be the most productive arrangement. We motivate and learn from each other!

At SweetWater Marketing, we find no substitute for experience. Having the knowledge and skills from our combined years of experience gives us a distinct advantage. We’ve worked through problems and successfully met challenges – our staff isn’t starting from scratch. Our abilities have been tested and proven. That being said, we also value our millennials – what they may lack in experience they make up for in enthusiasm and technical know-how. The synergy inherent in our diverse staff enables us to analyze our clients’ challenges from multiple viewpoints and arrive at the ideal solution.

If you haven’t watched The Intern with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, catch it this weekend. It’s a sweet combination of two people from different generations contributing the best from their varied work experiences to create success. Great flick – pass the popcorn!

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