Don’t Be Caught Unprepared …

Ever find yourself caught unprepared?

It’s a sinking feeling, when you realize that the meeting, the phone call, the opportunity is imminent, and you haven’t pulled together what you need to make it successful. The feeling is even worse when you knew the event was coming, but put off getting prepared.

Those were my thoughts the other day, as I stood in a very loooong line at a local store for glasses that would allow my family to safely view the 2017 Solar Eclipse. I paid for my lack of preparation, both in time and money, by waiting until the Friday before the event.

It’s not like I didn’t know. How long have scientists and newscasters been talking, almost nonstop, about the eclipse? Weeks? Months? I knew it was coming, but I was busy, running the business, and put it on a back burner, until it was almost too late.

When you are in business, you can’t afford to miss the opportunities that come your way. It may be something that you have known about for a long time, like the eclipse, or it may be an unexpected but promising new lead. Without the proper tools in place, it can be difficult to take full advantage. It’s a lot more stressful to pull something together at the spur of the moment.

It’s coming – are you ready?

Your company may have a large event coming up in the next several months, or maybe a product launch. You know you need to have a marketing strategy in place, but you don’t have time to build one. You’re busy, running your business, making sure it succeeds.

Don’t be caught unprepared. You can’t afford to not have the right glasses. At SweetWater Marketing, we understand that you are busy and have a lot of important things you are juggling. We’re here to extend your reach, to help you during the crunch times, to make you look good while we take care of the details.

Don’t be caught off guard…call us! And when the big day comes, you’ll be prepared and can enjoy the moment!

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