4 Brilliant Ways to Stop the Scroll!

The Sears catalog. A staple of America from 1888 – 1993. The excitement that would ensue when delivered and you could finally thumb through the pages, just gazing at those sparkly ads that would tell you the best products on that market that you absolutely needed to have, immediately, directly from the source. Ahead of its time and setting the precedence for years to come.

Fast forward to 2020, we have the ability to order something in a flash, with the click of a button. You still see those sparkly ads except now it is all around and every time you open your email or social media account. In a fast-paced world, it is imperative that you grab the attention of your audience in a snap and still give them that Sears catalog moment.

How do you get their attention? Here are four elements that will help ensure your ad stops the scroll and turns it into a click:

  1. Strong Headline. When advertising your product, give your audience a purpose for clicking and learning more. A recent article states that you have merely seconds to get the attention of your audience (Source here: https://bit.ly/3123QPN). Those seconds happen with the right headline and giving your audience a reason to find out more.
  • A great image. As important as a headline is for grabbing your audience’s attention, you want to continue drawing them in with an image puts it in perspective. Show an image that puts the product you’re selling into action. Remember to keep the image simple, relatable, and colorful. (Source here: https://bit.ly/3amQosY)
  • Add a quote. Consumers value the opinions of other consumers. How many times have you read a review and made a decision based on what another person said? If it is a great review (and not too long), you might want to even consider adding it as your headline.
  • Clear call to action. Make it simple. Customers do not want to waste time trying to figure out how to purchase from you.  Add a button that is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to find.

Following these four elements when creating your ad will certainly give your consumer a reason to stop scrolling, want to click to learn more, and make the sell.

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